Failing or Just Human?

I originally was going to title this blog as just “Failing” because I didn’t think I’d done what I should for this week’s class.  However, when I looked back, I realized I had done much better than I realized. I had incorporated different pauses to my work day besides grabbing my phone or pulling something up online. I had talked and chatted with co-workers instead and even went to lunch with them one day. This is progress for an introvert like me. I also have been successful in not looking at a digital device an hour before I go to sleep; as a result, I’m reading more or listening to music – both things I really love and that soothe me.

I will continue with the goals I have set for myself since they seem to be working. I will work to increase ways to find breaks in my day besides using technology as a default escape. I don’t know that I feel any real benefit from my new behavior, but that usually takes time and often is recognized in hindsight.


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I am a 200 CYT and working toward certification in grant proposal writing. I work at a regular job that pays the bills, but also teach employee wellness yoga classes. I look forward to the day when I can dedicate my time to teaching yoga full-time.

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